Tips and tools from the Nutscene Team for getting gardens spring ready!

Tips and tools from the Nutscene Team for getting gardens spring ready!

Jan 19 , 2018

Shona Young

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Getting your garden spring ready -the Nutscene way

Now that the festivities are over (it's so sad - we know!) its time to start looking forward to spring coming around the corner. As Robin Williams said "Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!" We here at Nutscene agree and like to make a start in our gardens early.

Collecting last year's leaves 

It is best to make sure that all of the old leaves have been collected. For those leaves that might still be hiding under the shrubbery or piled at the bottom of your lawn, we recommend our Jute Hessian Biodegradable Leaf Collecting Sacks. These sacks are not only hydro-carbon free and 100% bio-degradable, but they are also ideal for storing produce. Fill with slightly damp leaves and simply leave your sack in a shady corner until the following year. This will produce a wonderfully nutritious soil conditioner which is an ideal mulch for beds and borders. 

Nutscene Jute Hessian Leaf Collecting Sacks

Pruning and preparing in vintage style

As the snow and the frost begins to fade, plants and shrubbery may need a little TLC (at this point, we feel we do to!). Certain plants should be pruned and cut back in early Spring. Make sure you are completely prepared with our Garden Pruning Scissors in a Gift Pouch with Twine: these high quality vintage pruners will cut through gardening chores with ease, with its hot forged polished blades.

Spring Nutscene Garden Pruning Scissors

Our scissors come with a Hessian Pouch to keep your new best-friend safe! We also include a mini Nutscene Twine - the perfect assistant for tying back those budding plants. 

Keeping your new greenery on the straight and narrow

We would recommend that you pair your new Twine with Ornate Cast Iron Garden LineBased on an ornate Victorian design, this two-part Cast Iron Garden Line will assist with keeping those enthusiastic greenery on the straight and narrow! Be it your lawn, or seed bed for those who like regimented planting styles or keeping those veg in check.

Nutscene 1922 Cast Iron Ornate Garden Line


Organised beauty -is the best beauty

Now that the hard work has been completed, it is time to sit back and enjoy the new growth. Our Traditional Copper Plant Labels, are not only practical but also stylish. We can only imagine how impressed your family and friends will be, when they see all of your  new plant projects proudly labelled! 

Nutscene 1922 Traditional Copper Plant Labels

The Team at Nutscene can't wait for Spring and know how important it is to be prepared! We are passionate about our products and love nothing more than to discuss them. So if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lots of love, The Nutscene Team            Nutscene 1922 Wilbur Flower