Nutscene on Sustainability

Nutscene on Sustainability

Aug 28 , 2019

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Nutscene looking to the future - Sustainability 

Good day everyone – firstly before we get started, we would like to reintroduce you to the Nutscene Blog. So hello! It has been an exceptionally busy year for us, but we are delighted to get back into blogging.  

This year (or for the past few at least), sustainability seems to be the word on everyone's lips... But what is sustainability and why is important to support the ever growing 'sustainable scene'? 

Well simply put, sustainability ensures that we as a company, planet or individual, only source what we actually need. Sustainability generally relates to organisations and individuals focusing on the viability of their purchases. This may include economic viability, but also involves the impact that excessive consumer consumption is having on the planet.   

At Nutscene, we have been looking into this area as well. Sustainability and reducing plastic waste has been a key focus for us. When working alongside suppliers, we believe it is important to check that there are sustainability policies in place - this is a vital element to ensuring sustainable development within the supply chain and beyond. 

The Jute Mill

But how can a strong ethos towards sustainability help Nutscene and other businesses?

There are a number of key reasons as to why we focus on harvesting from sustainable crops:

1. It genuinely improves consumer trust, relations and affinity with our brand as consumers are actively looking to purchase from sustainable companies. 

2. By adopting a mindset focusing on sustainability, we attract like-minded employees and customers that share a common belief.

3. It allows our business practices to become more cost effective and efficient. This often sparks innovations that help us to drive Nutscene forward! 

4. We are building credibility as a market leader within our sector - in turn developing brand awareness and community relations.

5. Lastly, sustainability contributes substantially to environmental efficiency. This in turn, means that at Nutscene we are working to reduce our carbon footprint and to do our bit for our beautiful planet. 

So how does sustainability relate to Nutscene?

We as a company firmly believe in our own social responsibilities. We source our jute from sustainable crops in Bangladesh, where the working environment for workers is prosperous. The purchase of these crops often allow for employment to individuals who would otherwise struggle in such a challenging economic landscape. As well as our jute, our raffia is sourced from sustainable and rapidly growing crops in Madagascar. Having visited our suppliers in Bangladesh only last year, we can honestly and happily say that the working conditions were excellent! 

Works from the Jute Mill in Bangladesh

The second point that we would like to raise is in relation to the sustainability of our planet. Our natural products really help us reduce our carbon footprint. We think it is worth mentioning that the jute plants that we utilise actually clean the air by consuming large quantities of C02 - one of the key causes of the greenhouse effect that is destroying our ozone layer! 

Additionally, jute is an exceptionally fast growing plant. This allows for a quick turn over of natural products and these plants are more effective than trees in cleaning the air that we breath. However that is not all. Jute honestly just gets better and better! Jute also doesn't require any pesticides or fertilizer to grow. As it is indigenous to such a hot country, it grows fast and healthily. Another reason why we are delighted to work with jute as a staple of our product lines.

Jute in the Mill

To sum up, we think we all have a responsibility to look after our planet. We aren't going to get another one anytime soon...! So we wanted to share why we use these crops and the fantastic benefits that they bring to the environment. 

If you would like to know anymore about our products, then please just get in touch. 

Back soon!