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Raffia - From Madagascar to Scotland

From Madagascar with Love   Nutscene not only specialise in jute twines - but we also import a vast range of Raffia from Madagascar! But what is Raffia? Well the short answer is... Raffia is a natural wonder! Raffia is a natural fibre and is commonly used in the UK in crafting projects, twines, ropes, shoes, hats and other textiles. The Fibre itself is created from the underside of the frond leaf. Also known as Raffia Palm, this native to Madagascar possesses large plume-like leaves that are utilised within a variety of industries and is a major part of the south Asian economy. The tree has been said to harness over 800 uses, with the leaves used in thatching, construction,...

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Nutscene - Original & Authentic Jute Products from the Field to the Factory

The Multi-purpose Twine that is the gardener's best friend!  On the spool yet there's no wool... Nutscene Twine - I'm sure if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you will have heard of us! For nearly 100 years we have manufactured the highest quality of garden twine, whilst always looking at the bigger picture and reinvesting into product development. After all, the world doesn't stay still, irrespective of the fact that we still use the same machinery used in 1922! Nutscene are a company of first's. We have reinvented the twine industry over the years and we were the first to bring coloured twines to the market. We have introduced crafting twines, garden twines, baking twines and chunky...

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Garden Tips for Stormy Weather

June 7th 2017 On the 22nd February 2017, just prior to Storm Doris battering the UK, we wrote a blog post which aimed to give some advice to gardeners during a period of predicted bad weather! Little did we know that we can now refer to this post in June as it still holds relevance! What is up with this recent weather!? It was just this morning that I fulfilled my morning dog walking ritual which takes place at the Forfar Loch every morning, and to my surprise the place appeared as though a tornado had struck... Trees were uprooted, tree debris lay scattered all over the pathways with litter, foliage and other victims of the wind adding testament to...

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