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The Art of Macramé and we introduce "Mac-Cramy!®"

Macramé is having a serious moment in the spot-light right now and we, at Nutscene are loving it!  Some trends are a simple flash-in-the-pan. 90s Platform shoes and the Harlem Shake spring to mind! However Macramé has a rich history that spans generations, oceans and continents.  The Nutscene team took some time to find out more...   A Brief History of Macramé It seems that there many different types and variations that all fit under the Macramé craft. Essentially Macramé is the creation of a textile through a knotting process.   Back to the Start Where did Macramé come from? Well, there seems to be some controversy as to where this craft originated from. Some sources suggest that the craft originated...

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Turn your garden into a bird watching haven with Nutscene®

We are delighted to say that it is finally starting to feel like Spring at Nutscene. The sun is out and we can faintly hear the birds tweeting away!  This Blog will be discussing our favourite UK birds and how you can help them over the coming year. We have an array of tips, from favourite foods, nesting preferences to their ideal landscapes.    Bird Care Kit - Made from Recycled Yoghurt Pots Love the sounds of little birds tweeting away? Check out our Bird Care Kit. Having a fat ball/bird cake feeder is a great way of attracting birds to your garden and ensures birds in your area remain fit and healthy. The bird cake kit contains a cake mould...

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