Vegas poster

Fabulous Nutscene

Neon Twine

Inspired by the Bright Lights City of Fabulous Las Vegas.

“If it’s in stock, we have it”

raffia suitcase


Nutscene Raffia with a burst of colour.

Gardening, Floristry,

Gift Wrapping, Weddings,

Christmas Decorations

Too many uses to mention, what will you use yours for?

Home of the Sheila Maid

The Home of Sheila Maid

The Sheila Maid ® ceiling airer dryer

Every home should have one, easily installed and ready to hang.

“the eco way to dry each day”


Bobbin Central

Salvaged Mill Bobbins

These original and authentic Bobbins have been around for hundreds of years.  Reclaimed from the mills in Lancashire, England.

Bobbins with Nutscene Heritage Twines.