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Jute Twirly Twine in a Ball 60 metres

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Jute Twirly Twine in a Ball  60 metres
Jute Twirly Twine in a Ball  60 metres
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Twirly Twine in a Ball - 60 metres

Available in 3 colours, Red and White, Blue and White and Pink and White.

Another fabulous range from the Nutscene team, Twirly Twine,  unique, on trend, often copied, never equalled!

The twine is made up of two strands which is about 2mm in thickness. The ball of twine is similar in size to a small apple.

Pull the twine from the centre of the ball.  It provide 60 metres of twine from one ball.

Nutscene twirly twine is produced from jute, which is a sustainable crop. From plants for plants!

This very new concept in jute twines, mixing strand colours , make it the ideal product for craft, homemaking and tying product or parcel.

These Twirly Girly Twines are new from Nutscene, new to the market.

The range on  offer, is either a spool, ball or mini spool which is available in a 3 pack.

Produced in our factory in Angus on our twine machinery ,circa 1922.

Twirly twine in a ball- an ideal product.

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