Florist mossing twines - nutscene® jute or polypropylene, 3 pack

Florist Mossing Twines Nutscene® Jute or Polypropylene, 3 pack

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Florist Mossing Twines Nutscene
Florist Mossing Twines Nutscene
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Florist Mossing Twine 

Nutscene® Jute or Polypropylene 3 pack of Mossing twine is suitable for floristry, wreath making and garden tying. It's great for decorating floral arrangements and creating decorative bows & knots. Check out Pinterest for some fabulous Florist Mossing Twines inspiration.7

An essential for any florists or gardeners trug or work box. Nutscene® Florist Mossing Twine is available in 3 different varieties - natural jute, green jute and polypropylene, with polypropylene being the strongest and most resilient.

All have cardboard inner cores. Please note that polypropylene has been manufactured by man. Special care and consideration has to be taken at point of disposal. Be aware that this product is not compostable and should be taken to your local authority's recycling centre for appropriate waste management to take place.