Garden twine nutscene ® 'greentwist' jute balls & spool packs

Garden Twine Nutscene ® Greentwist Jute Balls & Spool Packs

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Garden Twine Nutscene ® Greentwist Jute Balls & Spool Packs
Garden Twine Nutscene ® Greentwist Jute Balls & Spool Packs
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Garden Twine Nutscene® 'Greentwist' Jute Balls & Spool Packs. The gardener's essential garden twine for tying - used and trusted by gardeners since 1922. Biodegradable and safe to compost. These balls & spools are bundled into packs of 2 (2 x Garden Twine Greentwist Balls or 2 x Garden Twine Greentwist Spools) Available in 3 ply thickness. Garden Twine Greentwist Balls are each approximately 120m long. Garden Twine Greentwist Spools are each approximately 240m long. Not everyone knows that 'Greentwist'  garden twine or string was invented by the first owner of Nutscene®. An application to the UK's Glasgow Patent Office was granted in 1926. 'Greentwist', once tied around your plant stem is 'not seen', thus 'Nutscene' - a brand was born! The favourite twine for gardeners since 1922. Nutscene ® still wind their twines on the same machinery first used by them in 1922. Our twine is biodegradable and materials are sourced from renewable resources. Nutscene's Greentwist Garden Twine has many purposeful uses and qualities. Jute twine derives from the corchorus genus, meaning it is a plant fibre and therefore safe and easy to compost. One of the gardener's jobs is to support tender young stems, and using garden twine to do this proves gentle to the plant and environment. Nutscene's garden twine can also be used to 'mark out', which means to peg lengths of twine in lines in order to sow seeds in a straight line. See our Garden Marking Line Set is a useful tool for this gardening job.

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