Natural jute twine string - nutscene fillis„¢ in spools

Natural Jute Twine for the garden Nutscene Fillis ® in Spools

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Natural Jute twine from Nutscene
Natural Jute twine from Nutscene
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Natural Jute Twine String is also known as Nutscene Fillis„¢. Available here in spools from the Nutscene ® Classic Range in a 3 ply thickness. Nutscene use the term 'Fillis'„¢ to describe twine or jute string that has its natural colouring. It is a term that is unique to Nutscene and has been used by Nutscene over many generations. Choose from a selection of great value packs of Natural Jute Twine String 3 x spools. Natural Jute Twine String has many uses - in the garden, kitchen, craft room or classroom its usefulness is endless! Biodegradable and safe to compost. Our range of Natural jute twine string has been revered by gardeners for over many generations. A trusted brand often copied but never equalled! Nutscene® have been producing and manufacturing jute twine since 1922. Our twine is biodegradable and materials have been sourced from renewable resources for over 90 years. Nutscene twines are derived from the plant of the genus corchorus and is therefore a natural product. It is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and harvested from renewable resources. Our environmentally friendly plant produces one of mankind€™s strongest natural vegetable fibres and, is known as the €˜Golden Fibre€™ It is second only to cotton in the amount produced and variety of uses. It was in Dundee, Scotland during the Industrial Revolution that the production of jute became both revered and renowned. It was here, in Scotland, that jute€™s versatility was developed into the many uses it has today.

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