Bird Bothy - A home for little birds!

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The Bird Bothy from Nutscene
The Bird Bothy from Nutscene
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Bird Bothy - A home away from home for little birds

Little birdies will soon be nesting and raising young in this lovely practical Bird House. Made in the UK from Ply. The bothy (a Scottish word for a small hut or hideaway) will help in attracting smaller species into your garden, protecting them, whilst they can concentrate on the job in hand.

The flat pack bird house consists of two 1.5mm plywood parts which require assembly with a little creativity. Whilst following the instructions provided to assemble your bird house you are encouraged to add your own personal touch from the colour you finish the house in, to the items you find to secure it, such as matchsticks. The bird house is packaged in a cardboard sleeve, just the right size to fit though a standard letter box.

Drawing inspiration from the tennis ball, two laser cut pieces of plywood curve around each other and are secured to create a protective home for birds to lay eggs, raise their young and to shelter from the harsh elements outside!

Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Tree Sparrows and Pied Flycatchers all welcome in this man made refuge! This little Bird Bothy has been designed without a perch and with a hole diameter of 28mm, which prevents smaller birds being antagonised by larger ones. A lovely gift for anyone who loves and protects our diminishing bird population.

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