Wooden Crate of Mini Nutscene Heritage Twine spools

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Wooden Crate of Mini Nutscene Heritage Twine spools
Wooden Crate of Mini Nutscene Heritage Twine spools
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Mini Spools - Nutscene Heritage Twine- Gifts A profusion of  24 mini spools of twine colours presented in a mini  wooden recycled seed tray. A mix of all 15 colours of the Nutscene Heritage Twine range. 24 mini spools . Each mini spool is 2.5 " in Height (7 cm) and provides 13 mts of  3 ply, made up of three strands twisted. The twine is 3 mm in thickness. Mini Spools of Nutscene Heritage twines are not labeled  individually. This delightful wee wooden seed tray will make a great colourfull and very practical gift for garden lovers! Our seed trays are made in the UK from salvaged wood and contains Nutscene Heritage Twine Jute Mini  Spools! Mini spools  of Nutscene Heritage  twines are produced in our factory in Angus ,Scotland on the original machinery , circa 1922. For all your gardening and craft needs,  mini spools-Nutscene Heritage Twines, is an Ideal gift, they will be put to many uses through out  the home and garden. "Nutscene is a spool you will learn to treasure, with a spool in your pocket, tying's a pleasure" Each wooden tray is 7 cm deep x 15 cm wide x 22.5 cm long. Contents 24 min spools of twine.= Over 300 mts of twines. Nutscene twines are biodegradable. Colours will fade in direct sunlight.



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