Neon twine mini reels of nutscene neon

Neon Twine-Mini reels of Nutscene Neon

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Neon Twine-Mini Reels Of Nutscene
Neon Twine-Mini Reels Of Nutscene
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Neon Twine Mini reels of Nutscene Neon Jute twine.

Light up your garden with our Vegas inspired Bright Lights.

From plants for plants...but so many things to make and do.  For Gardeners, Crafters, Homemakers, Arts and Crafts enthusiasts. What will you create with the Neon Twine?  

A compact pack of Nutscene "Tiddlers" Mini Reels, eight Mini Reels of Neon Twines.  Bright, dazzling, very much on trend these Twines are an inspiration. No more lost twine.

Pull from centre. 2 of each of the Fabulous Neon Twine colours contained in the neat pack, such a lovely gift to give. Mix and match a range of Fabulous Neon bright coloured Jute Twines to shock and amaze.  These fabulous Bright in Nutscene’s' Neon Twine colour Range.

Neon Pink

Neon Yellow

Neon Green

Neon Yellow

2 ply fine twine (1.5 mm thick), x approx. 20m x 7cm high.

Pack size 28.5cm long x 7.5cm high x 3.5 cm

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