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Turn your garden into a bird watching haven with Nutscene®

We are delighted to say that it is finally starting to feel like Spring at Nutscene. The sun is out and we can faintly hear the birds tweeting away!  This Blog will be discussing our favourite UK birds and how you can help them over the coming year. We have an array of tips, from favourite foods, nesting preferences to their ideal landscapes.    Bird Care Kit - Made from Recycled Yoghurt Pots Love the sounds of little birds tweeting away? Check out our Bird Care Kit. Having a fat ball/bird cake feeder is a great way of attracting birds to your garden and ensures birds in your area remain fit and healthy. The bird cake kit contains a cake mould...

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Garden Tips for Stormy Weather

June 7th 2017 On the 22nd February 2017, just prior to Storm Doris battering the UK, we wrote a blog post which aimed to give some advice to gardeners during a period of predicted bad weather! Little did we know that we can now refer to this post in June as it still holds relevance! What is up with this recent weather!? It was just this morning that I fulfilled my morning dog walking ritual which takes place at the Forfar Loch every morning, and to my surprise the place appeared as though a tornado had struck... Trees were uprooted, tree debris lay scattered all over the pathways with litter, foliage and other victims of the wind adding testament to...

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A Trip into the Archive

With the The Chelsea Flower show in just a matter of weeks, we have spent some time in recent weeks getting all nostalgic, scanning our archive looking for inspiration from the past. With a proud heritage that spans more than 90 years, Nutscene have seen numerous transitions within the company and have subsequently adapted and innovated as the world has developed. We would love to share some of our memories, photographs and stories with you!  So where did it all begin? The company began in 1922. The city of Dundee had been importing jute to manufacture twine, canvass and hessian sacking and the industry was booming. The city had been experiencing rapid expansion in the 100 years prior, and was commonly...

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