Twine Lovers Collection by Nutscene ®

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Twine Lovers Collection by Nutscene ®
Twine Lovers Collection by Nutscene ®
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Twine Lovers will love this collection assortment of twines. A New product collection offer! The ultimate gift for you string enthusiasts. Whats not to love about it? Ok so what do you get in this luxury pack,  Heritage spools, Heritage Balls and cute mini Nutscene spools. Its all lovely 3 ply Jute, 3 strands about 2.5 mm. The Heritage spools provide 110 mts of Nutscene Twine. The balls of twine provide 40 mts of twine and the mini spools will provide 13 mts, that is a lot of string for your money! So get creating, get gardening, get it all with this bumper pack. Its an ideal gift! Delivery on this pack is £3.95 so save your pennies. Twine produced in our Factory in Angus Scotland. Support British manufacturing. We offer three assortments, Bright- Pinks, Lilacs,Saffron, Marine, White, Lime. Orange and Heather. Muted- Natural, Grey, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Red (Cranberry). Assorted, we will aim to get at least one of each of our colours of twine, (No duplication across sizes) Each box contains  5 Heritage Spools, 5 Balls and 4 mini spools. Box dimensions are 200 x 90 x 335. Order now by clicking on the options below then add to cart.



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