Candytwist bakers twine - twine pack of 3 x 100 meters – Nutscene

CandyTwist Bakers twine - Twine Pack of 3 x 100 Meters of Twine

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Bakers cotton twines CandyTwist Bakers Twine
Bakers cotton twines CandyTwist Bakers Twine
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CandyTwist Bakers Twine - Twine Pack: A special pack of Bakers Twines from Nutscene

Nutscene have a Very special offer!

For this very popular product, we offer Free Delivery on this Trio Pack of Twine. This Trio of Candytwist Bakers Twine twines will have you all wrapped up! Bakers Twine is very popular with crafters throughout the world. Here at Nutscene we pride ourselves in supplying the best quality twines that you can buy.

We have put together the ideal colours, the ones that are in high demand on the run up to the festive period. The Candytwist twine pack contains 3 spools of bakers twine, in the following colour combinations:

Red and white

Green and White

Red, White and Green.

Each spool of CandyTwist Bakers Twine contains 100mts of Cotton Twine, around 2mm in diameter. The twine unravels from the outside as these spools are wound on to cardboard centre. This twine is UK manufactured. Nutscene CandyTwist Bakers Twine comes in many colour combinations, but this CandyTwist Bakers Twine pack is a special offer - A three pack of twine with free shipping.

Order now whilst stocks last! Nutscene produce the best twines for all your tying needs.