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Hedgehog Door Stopper

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Hedgehog Door Stopper
Hedgehog Door Stopper
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Hedgehog door stopper. What's not to like about this little helpful chap?

This is a  door stopper with a difference, yes it is very cute to look at, but ever so practical!

Its is also a shoe cleaner (removes dried in dirt) from your outdoor shoes.

A great kitchen utility room product, or for holding that porch door open.

Made from oak and beautifully crafted, with natural bristles.

This Hedgehog

stopper is an attractive way to wedge open those slamming doors.

The door wedge will hold most door's as this little Hedgehog is fairly substantial.

The wooden wedge measures 25 cm long and 5 1/2 cm wide, 10 cm high to the top of the bristles .