Garden Line

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Garden Line
Garden Line
Garden Line
Garden Line
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This antique style Garden Line is new from Nutscene! A special gift for the gardener in your life!

An ornate, rustic quality garden product in cast iron,

Substantial lasting and pleasing to the eye.

This robust and very practical garden line will assist in giving you those sought after, straight lines.

This is a serious piece of kit for a real garden enthusiast, a very useful addition to any garden. Keeping your lines on the "straight and narrow".

This antique garden line in cast iron is powder coated to give a quality finish and protect from the element of British gardening!

The providing line in sink with the line end anchor,

Its crafted on an original Victorian design, this Garden Line-antique style in cast iron, from Nutscene is a perfect useful product and garden gift for the serious gardener.

weight 1.25 kilos

Height- string provider 37cm   (14.5")  Stake  25 cm  (10")

Width-17 cm  (6")

Finish- Clear powder coat on the cast metal.

Rustic natural twine supplied. (request red twine if required)

This is a small item for delivery

Why don't you buy some brightly coloured string to refill your antique style garden line?





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