Flax Twine Bombs - Nutscene ® (Pack of 6)

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Flax Twine Bombs - Nutscene ® (Pack of 6)
Flax Twine Bombs - Nutscene ® (Pack of 6)
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Flax Twine Bombs- Nutscene®

Nutscene introduce a range of Flax twine which is  hand wound onto bamboo spindles, the spindles are slotted to keep the yarn from unravelling.

2.5 mm in thickness this natural fibre has many uses in the home and garden. These fun Flax Twine Bombs hold 25 metres of  twine and are available in 5 shades.

The flax twine bombs are 4 ply thickness (4 strands) and is not polished. (So quite rustic in appearence)

Our  twine is available in the following shades: Flaxen, Natural Rustic, Charcoal , Dove Grey and Rich Red.

Another Natural Rustic product from Nutscene.

Produced from sustainable crops.

Flax is a natural fibre.

These are small items for postage.

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