Coir Pots - 3 Packs at a Special Price! Natural Biodegradable Pots

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Coir Pots
Coir Pots
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Coir Pots - 3 Packs of 12 - Special Price!

Made from natural coir, these pots do not contain peat. Plant straight from the pot - no need to remove the plant from the pot - the roots grow through the pot wall. Biodegradable within 3 months, so no need to remove burgeoning plant from pot.

Completely biodegradable, these coir pots will slowly and completely break down into the soil, minimising root disturbance. Coir comes from the inner husk of a coconut shell. Coir is less acidic than peat and comes from a renewable resource - unlike peat!

Great for craft projects too! 3 packs of coir pots. 8cm rim. 12 pots per pack. Each pot holds 200ml. If you'd like to see how coir pots are made you can do so here For more information on the ethics of using peat-free products click here