Authentic Reclaimed Mill Twine Bobbins and Scissors (Pack of 6)

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Reclaimed Mill Bobbins
Reclaimed Mill Bobbins
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Limited Edition Reclaimed Mill Twine Bobbins & Scissors

Beautiful, original and authentic reclaimed mill twine bobbins from the Lancashire Cotton Mills.

These limited edition Bobbins are wonderful to look at, useful and a must for twine lovers everywhere.

We have been fortunate to secure a small stock of metal Bobbins, most of which have an element of copper. These authentic reclaimed Mill Bobbins, which with a little adjustment become a very useful twine holder, can be used again and again.

Just to complete these treasures, the Mill Bobbins with Nutscene twine also come with vintage style flower snips. These authentic Mill Bobbins hold a large ball of Nutscene Heritage Twine, providing 130mts of 3ply twine with 3 strands at about 3mm thickness.

This product stands 19cm high to the top of the scissors - without scissors 13cm.

Diameter is about 12cm.

There are many rich colours of twine - Saffron, Rich Red and  Nutscene Green. It also comes in natural. Simply slip of the label and take twine from the outside.

The Mill Bobbins will arrive with you wrapped in cellophane as so to keep the scissors in place, so please remove on arrival to appreciate the beauty of  this authentic Nutscene product.

Nutscene twines are produced in our factory in Angus Scotland.

This price includes delivery!

So order now while stocks last.

An authentic and classic Nutscene product.