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Ostrich Feather Duster-Real Feathers!

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Ostrich Feather Duster-Real Feathers!
Ostrich Feather Duster-Real Feathers!
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Ostrich Feather Duster from Nutscene, beautifully made with real Ostrich feathers , luxury in dusting for those delicate areas!

The duster has a springbuck horn grip handle, for easy handling.

We love this little duster, it is a talking piece to have at home but this is  a proper duster!

Use it for a quick dusting off those cobwebs, a light flick over crystal or those hard to reach areas ,

they will all succumb to its dust busting efficiency.

Its stands at 28cm high.

It is made in Germany.

Go on you know you want to try this one.

Its a small item for the delivery, only at £3.95 but you can have up to 5 small items for this price!