Nutscene® mini twirly twines 3 pack

Nutscene® Mini Twirly Twines 3 Pack

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Nutscene® Mini Twirly Twines 3 Pack
Nutscene® Mini Twirly Twines 3 Pack
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Nutscene® Mini Twirly Twines 3 Pack

A Twist in Tradition with our new Twirly Twines, a perfect little gift set for gardeners, crafters and homemakers. 

This neat pack of dual Twist Twine is an idea product for crafts and projects. Crafters love this twine, it has many uses in the home and garden and even tidy parcel tying.

Nutscene have been producing and manufacturing Jute Twine in our small factory close to the Angus Glens.  Our twine is biodegradable and materials are sourced from renewable resources.  All our twines are wound on the original machinery first used by us in 1922.

Each pack contains the following colours;

Red and White

Pink and White

Blue and White

This Twirly Twine is processed from Jute, and is dual twisted 2ply (1.5mm thick), approx. 20m length would round cardboard centre which is 7cm high.  Pack dimensions are 7.5cm (H) x 11cm (L) x 3cm (D).