Sheila Maid ® Clothes airer component set Airer
Sheila Maid ® Clothes airer component set Airer

The Sheila Maid ® Without Wooden Rails – Component Part Set

When you purchase the Sheila Maid ® ‘Component Set’ (without wooden rails) you are purchasing everything you need to install the Sheila Maid airer, EXCEPT for the wooden rails.

This component set is especially useful for those who are going overseas, (a smaller package to ship and fits in a suitcase) – or for those who already have, or prefer to source, their own wooden rails. Our Sheila Maid ®  is very popular with ex-pats, and is often bought by family and friends who can fit the set in their luggage with ease. Imagine the delight of the recipient when they receive a nostalgic piece of British homeware!

The Sheila Maid ® without wooden rails Component set contains the following parts – 2 cast iron rack ends, a double pulley, a single pulley, cleat hook & 10m UK manufactured rope.

Choose from either the 4 or 6 rail option.

The 4 rail Component Set Option, package size is approx’ 40cm x 17cm x 6cm, Weight 1.9kg

The 6 rail Component Set Option, package size is approx’ 60cm x 17cm x 6cm, weight 2.8kg

By using a ‘Sheila Maid’ ceiling airer, you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money. No more expensive tumble-drying, and no more ‘cooked’ clothes.

Make the most of the space in you home by installing a Sheila Maid ® ceiling airer. A ceiling airer hoists your laundry out of the way, (no more awkward floor-standing clothes dryers to trip over) and allows warm air to raise naturally – drying your clothes in ‘no time at all’. You will never need to place a damp item on a radiator again – healthier, cheaper and kinder to the environment.

Sheila Maids ® have been part of British households for over 100 years, airing laundry indoors at no cost and no hindrance.




Component Set Type

Regular Set (Holds 4 Rails), Extra Wide Set (Holds 6 Rails)


Blue, Green, Burgundy, Ivory, Dark Grey, Original (Clear-Coated Cast Iron), Black, Red, White, Vintage Blue, Silver


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The Sheila Maid ® Without Wooden Rails – Buy the Component Part Set


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