Stovies-Stove and Log Gloves
Stovies-Stove and Log GlovesStovies Stove Gloves, Large Ideal for log Handeling and Stove operations

Stovies Stove Gloves, Burner and Log gloves, made in the UK

New product in our Home and Hearth section, with lots more to come!

These Gorgeous yet ever practical gloves will give some protection to your hands when chopping wood, collecting logs or when you are refuelling your fire.

Keep them on the hearth ready for use. Stoves get very hot and wearing these stovie gloves will allow you to open the door without burning your hands,

whilst the stovies give a good level of protection, be sensible when using them.

Fabricated in Rustic Suede, there can be a variation as this is a natural product in the finished look of the gloves.

These gloves are large, size 10.

Manufactured in the UK

They are a small item for delivery £3.95

Stovie Stove and Log Gloves

Stovies Stove Gloves, Burner and Log gloves made in the UK