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Neon Twine -Nutscene always seen!

A wow factor twine from Nutscene!

This products is very much in demand, a unique twine offering from the finest twine producer.

This fine 2 ply  Neon twine spool provides a minimum of in 120 mts of jute yarn.

In a range of Fabulous Neon colours – Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow and Neon Green.

Its pull from centre Neon Twine make up is what Nutscene first patented in 1938! When Nutscene twines were “Not Seen” , now these fabulous Neon Twines are very much seen!

Still produced on the original Lessona winding machinery, producing Nutscene Twines since 1922.

The New and the old in perfect harmony.

Keep its quality wrapper in place, whilst you pull from its centre.

These ultra modern on trend colours, will set your allotment apart. Fantastic for wrapping and awesome for crafts.

There is no mistaking these Nutscene Twines, Bright Neon’s Twine Spools for Gardeners, crafter’s and Twine lovers!

Spools are 4 ” high 100 cm. The 2 strands of  jute makes a 2 ply yarn, 2 mm thickness.

A pull from centre spool.

The Future is bright, the future is Neon. With Neon Twine-Spools.



Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow


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Neon Twine – Nutscene always seen!


Neon Twine

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